A new kind of perspective: TPACK

Before I decided to take up a units in education, my thoughts about teaching is somehow very simple and that is to just impart knowledge with my students. I wasn’t even aware that there are certain factors  that lies behind teaching. How ironic, but this are clearly just some of my misconceptions about teaching.

While I was reading of Lee Schulman’s Knowledge base, it was then that I became aware of what I have “not yet known”. Say for example, under the Knowledge Base are knowledge of learners and characteristics, curriculum knowledge, knowledge of educational ends, purposes and values, etc. And there comes, TPACK (Mishra and Koehler, 2006)which stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. It is a kind of approach of what teachers know, how they teach and the role of technology that impact student learning. TPACK gave me an overview about what constitute teaching and why it makes more sense than Schulman’s knowledge base. But nevertheless, the introduction of this topic just clearly open to a bigger realization for me and that is: I am really meant for teaching!

Recalling back the times when I was still in college and I was once a doing a part-time job as online tutor in a Korean school in Iloilo, I was somehow very concern about the idea of how and what I taught my students back then. Yes, I was hired for the reason of having a good command in the English language and they saw my passion in teaching but I have to say that those qualifications mentioned are not enough in fostering effective teaching. There are certain abilities or knowledge that one must be possess to truly become an effective teacher. I will just enumerate the following knowledge under the TPACK:

TPACK Hope this will remind me all the time what I must honed as a future educator.

Yes, the following knowledge that I have mentioned are a must and one must be very critical in evaluating themselves in the criteria above while conducting teaching lessons to students. As for me, I consider them as my assessment guide or checklist of whether or not I am performing my duties as a teacher or if am an effective teacher. A teacher who knows the “whats” of subject possessed the CK (Content Knowledge), the “hows” is part of PK (Pedagogical Knowledge) which is composed of assessment, teaching methods and instructional strategies. Next is the PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) which is the knowledge you have to effectively engage students in learning concepts and skills. TK (Technological Knowledge)would be the knowledge on tools including how to select, use and integrate technology into your curriculum. TCK (Technological Content Knowledge) refers to how technology was used for deep and lasting learning. TPK (Technological  Pedagogical Knowledge) is your understanding on how to manage technology for your students.

I believe there are all interrelated to one another and the absence of one criteria in teaching would somehow affect the learning ideas from the teacher to students.



Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. Retrieved from http://punya.educ.msu.edu/publications/journal_articles/mishra-koehler-tcr2006.pdf





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  1. Karol Zepeda says:

    Wow! You are one person truly committed to teaching. I enjoyed reading your journal.

    Good job indeed!

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