TPI: Another lens to view teaching and learning

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Looking closely at my profile sheet, it clearly shows that Transmission and Apprenticeship perspective are my dominant perspective as a teacher. My back-up perspectives are  Nurturing and Developmental and Social Reform which falls under the Recessive perspective.

The diagram below shows how the five perspective were rated in the test. Transmission  and Apprenticeship got the highest in the test while social reform got the lowest mark.


According to Daniel D. Pratt (2002), he defined  of Perspective in Teaching as an inter-related set of beliefs and intentions that gives direction and justifications in our society. He added that it is “a lens which we view teaching and learning”. It is different from methods in teaching for the perspective in teaching focuses more on how they used  and toward what end that differentiates between each perspectives.

Looking closely at the scores,it shows that I give much importance on Transmission (mastery of content) and Apprenticeship (modelling ways of being). Next to it is the Nurturing perspective, wherein I am totally in agree with the result for I believe it is essential to always seek balance on caring and pose challenging problems/questions to students. Next to it is Developmental or adopting the “learner-centered” philosophy of teaching that is giving them more time to develop their cognitive”maps” to guide their interpretations of the world that they are living in. Lastly, the Social Reform which can be very effective only if we happen to make use all of the said perspectives that will lead everyone in class of wanting or seeking of a better society.

With regards to internal consistency, it is clearly evident in my Transmission, Apprenticeship and  Nurturing perspective indicating an alignment of my beliefs, intentions, and actions. However, I find some internal discrepancies happening along with my Developmental and Social Reform and that occur in between belief and intentions. Maybe because I am much concerned on my learner’s overall welfare or my own personal belief/judgement and examines or scrutinized very closely all assumptions/intentions before arriving to a conclusion. Maybe that explains the discrepancies after all which makes sense cause I am really this whether in my personal or professional life. Examining too my highest intention and action sub-score in all the five perspective, I must say that I am consistent in the said five perspectives. My belief sub-score are not expressed strongly under Developmental and Social Perspective in which I am really careful about even when I am a learner or even a teacher.


Dominant Perspective

  • Transmission

Effective teaching starts with a substantial commitment to content and subject matter. As teachers, our students look up unto us not only as their source of knowledge but someone who is committed to the type of subjects we are teaching them. Looking back, even when I am a learner or not, I really put importance on mastering subject matters. Someone who has a mastery on any kind of field, can build confidence and credibility on their part. I believe this is what I am honing myself into and that is how to effectively and efficiently pass along my knowledge to my students.

  • Apprenticeship

I am definitely a type of teacher who would make sure that what is being taught is being translated into actions. I would love my students to really learn not only the subject but also to acquire some set of skills which can be very useful in the future to come. I want them to realize their very own potential as students and I am eager to help them in every way that I could so that by the time come, they will be equipped with right knowledge or ideas that can make use of. I want to know their own potentials so that I can assist them clearly in reaching their goals in life.

Back-up Perspective

  • Nurturing

Persistent effort to achieve comes from the heart and not from the head. I would like to promote the climate of caring and trust, helping people to set reasonable but challenging goals and supporting effort and achievement. I would be consistent in promoting “counselling” like giving time to know people, listening and responding to their very needs such intellectual and emotional needs. Make them realized too that the achievements they achieve is the product of their own effort and I just here to support them all through out of the learning process.

  • Developmental

I am fully aware too of the importance of the learner in teaching aspect. As a teacher, I have a full understanding of my learner’s capabilities and it is my sole responsibility to help them develop their potential. It can only be achieved by asking effective questions that will challenge my students analytical and thinking abilities. By asking this type of questions, I am letting my student to think in their own feet and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. In developing their complex and sophisticated ways of reasoning, I am actually allowing them to learn in the best way possible.


Recessive Perspective

  • Social Reform

This might be the lowest among the five perspective but I am very aware of its importance in the society that we live in. I believe that without reformation, then  we won’t have Education as its product. Setting clearly my goal on educating the youth, I have realized that it is not enough to educate them, it is important to note that  letting them see the value of society in the context of education is indeed life changing. We live in a kind of society that values much education and I want them to learn that as citizens of our beloved country, it is just our sole responsibility to give back in the society that we live in (SOCIAL CHANGE).  To just know their own opinions and ideas about the current situation of our country, will surely make them empower that they too are important in the contribution of improving the society that we live in.


The result of my profile sheet in TPI is indeed consistent on how I view myself as a teacher. It is clear to me on what kind of perspective is dominant and what is not in my teaching style. It gives me an idea on what I must improve on in the future (that is Social Reform!) and revealed to me  a very good insights on what kind of teaching perspective I often employ in my teaching. Taking this TPI test lead me to conclude that all five (5 )perspectives are all interrelated to another as what Pratt (2002) defined and one size does not fit all. We must incorporate all five to effectively and efficiently teach our students. From classroom to outside its vicinity and that is the society we belong to, we have to press onward and not just be stucked on the its very content of learning. I believe that the role of the teacher and finding the time to balance its power by letting our students to  be involved more, the responsibility of students to learn, and importance of content are all strong indications that we can create change as long as we are willing to and it comes from the core of our hearts.


D. Pratt (2002). Good teaching: one size fits all? Retrieved from


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