My E-journal Introduction

Finally, I am embarking a new journey as a future educator of this country.  Thanks to Teacher Roja for I am sure I will definitely learn a lot from her about this course- EDS 111!  Right now, I have so many thing running through my mind. Like if I will be able to finish this course on time.  I am also thinking if this career path that I am taking is really for me. Nevertheless, let me just say that I am really thrilled for the greater things or opportunities that is yet to come. I am just excited to give my  all in this new journey! 

But before I start this semester, let me asked myself this question: What is the reason why did I took up a course-unit in Education?  My answer of course will always goes back to serving the nation. If I may share, the educational system in our country is already poor in performance. By just looking at the world ranking results of some of our premiere universities in the country when it comes to research and development is saddening.  We know that our government tries their very best in providing us quality education but in reality we are always left behind. And as future educator of this generation, the task and pressure is indeed high! As Filipino, I am deeply worried if we are still providing the best to our fellow countrymen.

Becoming a teacher will never be an easy task. I am sure that it will be full of challenging and never-ending process of learning. But I not will be hindered to reach my goal. I have made my decision and I am fully aware of what exactly I have entered into. I just want to inspire, influence and be involved in the lives of my future students. I just want to be that “light” if I may say. A light that gives them hope when they are in despair moments. The light to let them see clearly the things that aren’t to them. The light that will always tries its best to shed light no matter what happens!

I am a light-bulb!

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