Module 5: Always Finding Ways to Learn

I will always find a way to become an effective teacher.” This was her very strong statement of Ms. Cherrylyn Carpio, a Special Education teacher with whom I have chosen as my respondent with regards to Professional Development. Her words on Continuing Professional Development (CPD are just so inspiring and I can really sense the passion while she is sharing her ideas on CPD and Professional Learning Community (PLC).

This week topic on Lifelong learning and PLC are very useful for it gives me new insights and opportunities to improve my knowledge as a teacher in the future and at the same time helping my students in their academics. The opportunity that was given to me to interview a teacher is indeed a rewarding thing to do. The readings that was given to us suddenly comes alive when I was doing the interview on CPD and PLC. It opens a new door for me and it showed me that if one chooses to teach, one is choosing a lifelong learning path. I definitely agree that  CPD together with the Professional Learning Community, are both an avenue that will provides our teachers on how to become active and engaging in learning and how to teach content and offers structured methods, to continue to participate in collaborative solutions and how to improve teaching practices.Also, I learned so much from the interview that one must have a strong teaching profession in one’s job for this involves time and energy as well. As supported by Sach (2007) that a strong teaching profession is one that is self-regulating, one where teachers must be committed to investing time and energy in their own continuing development. And what is striking about this experience with my interviewee is that she is teaching children with special needs. I believe that was more than enough to really admire her professionalism and positivity as a teacher. For me, no one can really beat that level of enthusiasm,passion, care and understanding if you choose to teach children with special needs. Also, what I really like about CPD and PLC as programs being supported highly by Dep-Ed is that is being translated in having higher exam result by students specifically taking the National Achievement Test (NAT).

In all honesty, I was really impressed on the level of support that the Dep-Ed is giving to our teachers when it comes to CPD and PLC. The concern and support are just so evident in the way and how my interviewee responds to every question that I asked to her. The overall development of our teachers is highly prioritized by our government and knowing that this entails money and funding because of the trainings provided to our teachers, made me admire the institution that my interviewee is serving. It brought me a lot of realization and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. In all honesty, I am wondering on how on earth she was able to manage everything while  taking up Masters in Educational Management, she would also attend trainings and seminars in schools and join blogs related to CPD. I know, it must have been the love and passion in teaching our students or as what John F. Kennedy would say, ” the greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds”.



Sachs, J. (2007). Learning to improve or improving learning: The dilemma of teacher continuing professional development. Keynote address presented to the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement Conference, Slovenia, January. Available at




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