Final E-journal EDS 111: My Biggest Learning

Learning all what are the principles in teaching in EDS 111 has suddenly changed all my perceptions on teaching as a profession. The biggest learning so far in this course is that in order for me to effectively teach students, I must take into consideration student’s diversity, Professional Learning Community (PLC) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to make me up to date in my teaching and the also the need to constantly check and develop instructional plan for effective delivery of lessons to students.

I had the chance to critique our work in the field test for our final requirement for this course. In that field test just proves the point made by Seifert and Sutton (2011) that “teacher need to understand the diversity – understand how the student’s habitual attitudes, beliefs,and behaviours differ from each other, and especially on how they differ from the teacher’s.  I am always very critical about student diversity since I learned in my Assignment 1 that student diversity is vital in practicing effective teaching. As what I have observed when you don’t truly understand them, conflicts will not be resolved immediately when it arise during classroom discussions. Likewise, I have come to know also through CPD and LLC that without passion and commitment, it is really impossible to continue in the teaching profession.  Above all, only through CPD and LLC can teachers really update themselves as professionals. Lastly, the instructional plan is an essential part of the teacher, as stated by one of my interviewee on teaching effectiveness that lesson plans are the considered to be the bible of the teachers which will serve as a guide on what the teacher will be teaching to his/her students. If the instructional strategies were not carefully planned, then it will be impossible for the learning to take place

I am glad that I have come this far. I am happy to know and learn what I have understood in each of the modules that were given to us. I am so blessed that this course widens more my perspective in effective teaching. I am now fully committed to further understand what is effective teaching. Yes, when I look back  to moments why I took up this course in the first place made me convince that I am really for teaching. I just knew it from my heart that I deeply want to impact that lives of my future students. I want to show them that learning is fun when you put your heart into it. It is the best thing to do in this life. There is no greater joy than to know that we are both learning from each other. 🙂


Seifert, K., and Sutton, R. (2011). Student diversity (Chapter 3). In K. Seifert (Ed.), Educational Psychology (pp. 64-79). Athens, GA: The Global Textbook Project. Available at

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