Final ejournal Entry: My Philosophical Perspectives and My Most Significant Learning

Taking up Philosophy of Education (EDS 101) for this second term in UPOU just gave me so much realization on what type of philosophy really suits my teaching style as a teacher in the future to come. The interview that I have conducted for my final requirement just helps a lot to fully assess what really is appropriate once you are already inside the classroom. I am just thankful enough for that task for it informed me what really matters most once you are already teaching. I just thought that different philosophies will be used in the different classroom set-up and I cannot wait what philosophies I might employ once I become a teacher in the future. As of now, I will try my best to assess what I think is the best philosophical perspective clearly is meant for me based on the criteria that I have to consider; the role of school, educational goals, curriculum, method of instruction, the role of teachers and role of students.

The Role of the School

Personally, the role of the school should be child-centered wherein its focus is more on the interest of the learner. There is a bigger emphasis on cooperation and students will gain understanding based on the experience that is presented to them. Schools should also provide the students with an appropriate social awareness that will help them see what social realities must be given importance as a student and citizen of this country. (Progressivism and Social Reconstruction).

Educational Goals

The goal of education is to provide students with appropriate experience through interaction that will lead them to think critically and should provide them with new ideas that will help their future better than the past. Also, whatever students have earned should lead to involvement in social reform.


Employing the Essentialist view about curriculum, it would be better to focus on the mastering of skills and essential subject matter to students. Equipped with essential knowledge, these students will help them to be ready for the real world when they finish their school and coupled with critical thinking abilities can help them in making the right decisions in the future.

Method of Instruction

As a Progressivist teacher, the method of instruction that I would utilize is more on the “inquiry-driven and organized around problem-solving activities”.  There will be more group activities for every class as I wanted the learners to value collaboration in school for they will truly use this when they go out of school and by the time that they work.

Role of Teachers

As I identify myself as a Progressivist and Social Reconstructionist teacher, I was thinking of merging the role of these two philosophies wherein the role of the teacher is to create an environment that can cater to students to participate in different social issues in our country and at the same time help the learner in planning strategies to the problems that are presented to them in which can help them in real actual situations.

Role of Students

The role of the student should make them as active participants in democratic activities, social issues, problems and must make use of reflective thinking as much as possible when it comes to their decisions as student and citizen. That is why there is a big emphasis on taking responsibility for every action and should at least know how to provide solutions for every problem seen in the society.

Taking the Educational Philosophy Test Again

Taking up again test for Educational Philosophy (here is the link for the said test: just clearly shows that my views about teaching beliefs and perspective haven’t changed so far. In my previous entry, I scored higher in these 3 philosophies which are Progressivism, Social Reconstructionist, and Essentialism wherein I scored 25 for each philosophy. This was followed by Perennialism wherein I have gotten 23 and only 20 for Existentialism.

With my recent test, it looks like that Progressivism alone has gotten the highest score of 23. Tied in the second spot are the Essentialism and Social Reconstructionism which both have gotten 22. This is again followed by Perennialism with a score of 20 and lastly the Existentialism with only 16.

For my last entry in this journal, I have already expressed my views on becoming more of a Progressivist teacher and little mixed of the Social Reconstructionist teacher when it comes to the role of the schools and the goal of education, method of instruction, the role of teachers and students.  In terms of curriculum, I would have the tendency to become an Essentialist teacher as I give importance to essential subject skills and subjects that must be mastered by students for them to be prepared in the real world.  They also have to be critical in evaluating the right knowledge to be learned and as a Progressivist teacher, their critical thinking skills are much-needed skill to be honed as well.

This week has been totally a draining for every one of us in this course and yet is all worth-it for this made me realized especially to fully understand what it means to have your own set of educational beliefs and practices in the future. If asked about has significant learning so far, it would be more on the knowing what is truly is my educational philosophical beliefs not only as a teacher but also as an individual and a learner. The knowledge that I have gained so far grounded me on why there are teachers who prefer this type of method over the other. I also happen to realized that whatever will be my educational beliefs in the future can greatly affect the learning capabilities or preference of my students. I know I am just starting to realize everything about my own educational philosophies but I am glad that it did bring more clarity on my part not only as a teacher but most importantly as a learner of this institution. I am just blessed that I have taken up this course and I did truly learn so much about in each of the philosophies presented in each of the modules. 🙂

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