EDS 101: First Ejournal Entry

It is nice to be back for my second term in PTC.  As expected my first term as an online learner in UPOU was filled with fun and learning discussions with my fellow learners. Likewise, I am more than ever thrilled that my second term in this course will give that same amount of enthusiasm and love for learning that I have gained along the way with Teacher Roja and classmates.

Reflections about Online Learning and my role as a student in UPOU

For me, online learning is the most convenient type of classroom learning for students who are working and studying at the same time. As long as you have the internet connection for this kind of set-up, I just don’t see any problem with that all. Of course, one can expect that there will be delays in replies and posting of discussions in this type of environment but with the right discipline, patience, and attitude, one will definitely learn and enjoy in distance learning especially the one’s being offered by UPOU. Also, there are downsides in online learning and one of which is the ability to effectively handle proper time-management. I, myself experience this kind of dilemma but I am really happy that I was able to overcome this by instilling in me the right kind of discipline in managing the online learning.

Thus, as an online learner in UPOU, one of my responsibility is to ensure that I have proper time-management skills so that all the requirements,papers, and assignments will be submitted on time in order for Teacher Roja to provide us timely feedback. It is also my role to ask questions or clarifications and share my knowledge in the best way possible as this will, in turn, benefit my fellow learner as well.

Results of Test

a. Study Skills Inventory Result


b. Self- Regulation Questionnaire Result

Total Score: 263

Category: High (intact) self-regulation capacity

c. Time-Management Skills Test

Total Score: 35

Category: Excellent Time Manager

I just couldn’t agree more with the test that I have taken under the Self-regulation and Time-management.  The results reveals exactly what type of a learner I am when it comes to self-regulation and managing my time in studying.I guess that I have no problem when it comes to this areas; however, I find it hard to believe that my note taking skills is relatively low for when I was still highschool and college, one will often see me taking down notes most of the time when our teachers and professors are discussing in class. If this is the case, then I still have to further improve more in this area by making sure that I pay more attention to content and relevant ideas being emphasized by the teacher.

Pledge of Commitment

I, Kristine Maglasang, hereby pledge to fully commit myself in accomplishing all the tasks that will be given to us by our teacher. I will be at all times practice and observe online class rules, actively share my knowledge and understanding in the discussion forum and timely submit all the necessary requirements for this course.

Inventory of Philosophies of Education

I got my highest score which is 25 for Essentialism, Progressivism, and Social Reconstructivism. I only got 23 for Perennialism and lowest score for my Existentialism which is 20.

I have to agree with the result of my score for  the three philosophies of education (Essentialism, Progressivism, and Social Reconstructivism )wherein I scored higher. Scoring high in all of these three means that my view of teaching is highly dependent on a set of attributes which are necessary to its identity and function (Essentialism), that I gave more importance on the idea of progress when it comes to advancement of science, technology, economic development (Progressivism), and I put heavily importance too on social questions about society which will better improve the society in the future (Social Reconstructivism). I have to say that my score for Perennialism is true as I believe that the only thing that is constant in this world is change and information that we have come to know as facts are subject to change. And lastly, my lowest score is Existentialism and that is giving importance to the individual’s existence and choice.